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After The Gym

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Tess is an avid exercise fanatic. On any given day you can find her at the gym, working her body this way and that. Her favorite form of exercise is ballet, which shes been doing since she was a young girl, and which she still does five days a week, two hours every day, first thing in the morning. But when shes not doing ballet, you can find her at the gym, working the weights, running on the machines, and stretching in yoga. And when you work out that much, you get a body like Tesss - perfect. Of course, all that working out gets a girl hot and sweaty. And when Tess wants to cool down, she likes to take a shower or a bath and wash off all the hard work. Curious? So were we. Thats why we decided to shoot Tess taking a shower bath after one of her workouts. And as you can tell from the leg warmers, shed just done some ballet when she came to the shoot. Youre not likely to find a body as tight, petite, and toned as Tesss. Shaped by years of exercise, theres not an ounce of fat and every curve is in the right place. A joy to behold, thats this girl. Ready for a shower?